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The City of Prescott develops and updates a 5-Year Capital Project List which, is a compilation of various projects to be designed and constructed for the community, over the next 5-years.  Each year, during the budget process, Public Works Department presents a list of projects to be designed and/or constructed and the City Council approves or modifies the list as part of the budget process.
This is known as the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

For more information on the current status of this year’s projects go to, “Projects in Design” section or “Under Construction” section.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Public Works at 928-777-1130.

  • Updated on 6/29/23

    The State Route 89 (SR89) Roadway & Infrastructure Improvement Project is currently in the early planning phase by the City of Prescott Public Works Department (City) to improve both the utility and roadway infrastructure along a section of SR89.

    The project includes upsizing the existing sewer infrastructure, widening the existing two-lane roadway to four-lanes and performing intersection improvement as needed along SR89 between the Phippen Roundabout and the Willow Creek Roundabout.

    Once complete, the improvements will centralize wastewater treatment processes at the Airport Water Reclamation Facility, increase traffic flow, provide for safer evacuation routes and improve the ride quality for local motorists.