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  • Updated on 11/2/21

    The project is primarily located within the City’s Fleet Maintenance Facility. The existing gravity sewer system in the area is aged, undersized, and has a history of backups and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) which affect adjacent properties. Additionally, portions of the sewer are inaccessible for maintenance because they are located below buildings and structures. This project will relocate the gravity sewer system to be located primarily on City property or within Right-of-Way. One small gravity sewer extension will need to be considered in a private driveway to maintain all existing sewer service connections. No portion of active sewer will be remaining under a building or structure after completion of the relocation.

  • Updated on 12/8/21

    The project generally consists of pulverizing and blending in place the existing asphalt pavement surface, base preparation of recycled base material, and placement of new asphalt concrete atop. The roadways included in the project are: Prescott Heights Drive, Campbell Avenue, Flora Street and Black Drive. The work includes pavement repairs, the adjustment of utility covers to finish grade, some minor drainage repairs and the restoration of disturbed traffic striping.

  • Updated on 12/8/21

    The project generally consists of milling existing asphalt pavement, performing base preparation, and placing new asphalt pavement. The work includes repair on unsuitable subgrade on an as needed basis, the adjustment of utility covers to finish grade, and the restoration of disturbed traffic striping. The project may also include curb and gutter replacements as necessary. The first phase of the project will be constructed in the early Fall of 2021 and will include Wilkinson Drive from the Prescott Regional Airport, south to the new Corsair Drive roundabout intersection.

  • Updated on 11/2/21

    Prior to planned Yavapai County Storm Drain Improvements along Yampa Drive within the Ho Kay Gan Subdivision, the City of Prescott will be relocating and realigning existing water mains along Yampa Drive from Kiva Circle to Natani Circle to prevent conflicts with the new drainage infrastructure.

  • Updated on 12/8/21

    The project consists of the installation of approximately 6,200 lineal feet of new 24-inch ductile iron water main across vacant land to the new Intermediate Pump Station (IPS) Site currently under design. This is the second phase of off-site water main installation to the new IPS Site. The project also includes construction of a new access road to the IPS facility.

  • Updated on 12/8/21

    City staff identified the Rodeo Grounds as an ideal location for a rainwater harvesting and aquifer recharge project. This recharge system is designed to capture the 1-yr, 10 minute storm, which is about 0.4” of rainfall. Depending on the storm frequencies throughout the year this system has the capability to recharge up to 0.87 acre feet annually. Additional benefits beyond aquifer recharge include mitigating the volume of stormwater generated from the building rooftops, and reducing the amount of animal waste found in rainfall sheet flow.

  • Updated on 12/8/21

    The Sunrise Boulevard Improvement Project involves reconstructing the pavement section of Sunrise Boulevard, between Sharp Shooter Way and Cactus Place. The project will also include replacement of curb and gutter as needed, and various drainage infrastructure.

  • Updated on 12/8/21

    The City of Prescott Water Production Facility, located in the Town of Chino Valley, is the City’s primary source for water production. This project will replace the existing water booster facility in Chino Valley and will build the new intermediate pump station and tanks located near the Prescott Airport. This project will create a reduction in transmission pipeline pressure, improve production redundancy and provide additional storage capacity closer to Prescott.

    City of Prescott Water Production Facility (Chino Valley):

    The existing booster station is located in the Town of Chino Valley at the City of Prescott’s Water Production Facility, 251 N. State Route 89 (APN 306-23-077C). This project will consist of design and replacement of the City of Prescott water booster facility (buildings, boosters, electrical, controls). The facilities were originally built in the 1940’s and updates have been made to the facilities throughout the years to keep pace with the growing demand.  The current facility is undersized to meet future demands and the existing equipment has reached the end of its service life.  The facility replacement will ensure safe and reliable water supply to the City of Prescott service area. It is anticipated that the new booster station facility will have a firm pumping capacity of 14.0 MGD. By completing this project, the City will be able to provide additional reliability through higher efficiency and modernized equipment (buildings, electrical components, piping).

    Intermediate Pump Station Facility:

    The new intermediate pump station site is anticipated to be located about 1 mile north of Pioneer Parkway and 1 mile west of Willow Creek Road on currently undeveloped land; the site will be accessed from the east from Willow Creek Road. This project will provide the infrastructure to supply required redundancy to the existing water delivery system. This increases the overall reliability of the City’s water supply system by allowing the airport production wells to support the entire water system. Additionally, growth in north Prescott requires that a second pump station be constructed at the Intermediate Pump Station Facility that serves the surrounding pressure zone, Zone 110. The storage capacity required to meet fire demand and development growth needs have been determined by the City’s water model. The anticipated storage required for the intermediate pump station facility is 10 MG with the ability to expand to 15 MG. The intermediate pump station and the Zone 110 pump stations are anticipated to have a pumping capacity of 17.5 MGD and 8.4 MGD, respectively. Both pump station capacities will be evaluated further and confirmed during design.


  • Updated on 12/8/21

    The Zone 56 Tank and Piping Project generally consists of constructing a new partially buried 1.5 million gallon pre-stressed concrete tank to be located north of Highway 69, and west of York Motors. The tank will replace the existing 100,000 gallon welded steel tank located in Prescott Canyon Estates. An additional project element will include removing and replacing approximately 4,300 lineal feet of existing 8-inch CIP water line with a new 16-inch DIP water line. A portion of the new 16-inch main will be installed adjacent to SR 69 from Holiday Drive to the U-Haul entrance along the north side of the highway.





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