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  • Updated on 4/5/21

    This project is to design and drill a new production/recovery well based on the City’s Well Development Plan. The well site is anticipated to be located near the APS Solar Power Station located on City Parcel #103-01-023. The City intends to employ a Design/Build project delivery process, the primary objective being to bring the best available construction experience and expertise together to meet the project demands.

  • Updated on 3/2/21

    The project consists of removing and replacing the existing asphalt pavement along select streets within the Cliff Rose Subdivision. Pavement replacement will take place along Boardwalk Avenue, Marvin Gardens Lane, Oriental Avenue, Mediterranean Court, and Rycosa Lane. Additional work includes the restoration of disturbed traffic striping, adjustment of utility covers to finished road grade, and replacement of handicap ramps and curb and gutter in select areas throughout the project.

  • Updated on 6/4/21

    The City will be replacing an existing PVC water main on Equestrian Way in The Ranch subdivision due to a significant water main break that occurred in July 2020. The asphalt was also damaged to the extent that the street will be re-paved once the water main construction is complete. The project will include installation of new Ductile Iron water main on Equestrian Way and Equestrian Circle. This project is fast tracked and construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2020.

  • Updated on 6/3/21

    This project will design and construct new water main infrastructure to replace the undersized and aged water mains located in the Mile High area. This area is located in the Mile High Park Addition which includes Mile High Drive, Rose Garden Cove, Keen Street and Paar Drive. Approximately 2,790 LF of various sized water mains will be replaced in this location.


  • Updated on 4/5/21

    The project generally consists of removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, striping, scuppers and storm drain improvements at various locations within the City. The work also includes curb ramp installations, brush removal and general installation of landscape material.

  • Updated on 11/3/20

    The City’s Pavement Maintenance Program includes projects to Preserve, Rehabilitate and Reconstruct sections of roadways, as needed.

    Preservation projects include the application of pavement rejuvenators, fog seals, slurry seals, micro seals, crack sealing, chip seal and other surface applications to help extend pavement life. Roads that receive these treatments are in generally good condition, and not in need of a rehabilitation project.

    Rehabilitation projects will typically include mill and overlay projects. The roads that require these treatments are typically in poorer condition, but the underlying base section of the road is still in good condition and will allow for the installation of new surface course asphalt.

    Reconstruction projects include the full reconstruction of a roadway, up to and including the installation of new utilities. These roads have asphalt or concrete road surfaces that are typically at the end of their useful service life and may have utilities within the road section that are also in need of replacement.

  • Updated on 5/21/21

    This project will include pavement preservation and surface remediation of approximately ten (10) lane miles of roadways, specifically Williamson Valley Road and Iron Springs Road. The project will remove the existing AR-ACFC surface treatment and replace with a chip seal and PMM application.  The AR-ACFC course has worn to the point where it needs to be removed and replaced.

  • Updated on 5/3/21

    The project generally consists of pulverizing and blending in place the existing asphalt pavement surface, base preparation of recycled base material and placement of new asphalt concrete at various locations throughout the City. The work also includes pavement repairs, the adjustment of utility covers to finish grade and the restoration of disturbed traffic striping. Please see the attached update for locations.

  • Updated on 5/3/21

    The project generally consists of milling existing asphalt pavement, performing base preparation and placing new asphalt pavement on various roadways at various locations throughout the City. The work also includes unsuitable subgrade repairs on an as needed basis, the adjustment of utility covers to finish grade and the restoration of disturbed traffic striping, curb, gutter and handicap ramp replacements. Please see the attached update for locations.

  • Updated on 6/4/21

    The Intermediate Pump Station Off-Site Water Main Extensions Phase 1 Project includes the installation of 24-inch, 18-inch, and 12-inch Ductile Iron Pipe water mains in vacant land beginning approximately 1,400 ft due west of the Warrior Way cul-de-sac off of Willow Creek Road and commencing westward a distance of 1,500 ft. Additional improvements will include a pressure reducing valve station.

  • Updated on 6/7/21

    The project consists of the installation of approximately 6,200 lineal feet of new 24-inch ductile iron water main across vacant land to the new Intermediate Pump Station (IPS) Site currently under design. This is the second phase of off-site water main installation to the new IPS Site. The project also includes construction of a new access road to the IPS facility.

  • Updated on 5/6/21

    The City’s water operations have identified several locations to replace old and undersized water mains in the Wildwood Drive, Deerfield Road and Cliff Rose subdivision areas. The work will be separated into two projects. This project location will be in the Wildwood Drive and Deerfield Road (Hailsley Homestead) area, and will consist of replacing old undersized galvanized water mains.

  • Updated on 6/3/21

    The project generally consists of removing four decommissioned drying beds composed mostly of reinforced concrete at the City’s Sundog Wastewater Collection Facility as well as some minor plumbing connections, crush the existing concrete and use this and other fill material to place fill construction in the general removal area to create a proposed building pad for future use by the Public Works Streets Division for snow removal equipment.

  • Updated on 6/4/21

    The City of Prescott Water Production Facility, located in the Town of Chino Valley, is the City’s primary source for water production. This project will replace the existing water booster facility in Chino Valley and will build the new intermediate pump station and tanks located near the Prescott Airport. This project will create a reduction in transmission pipeline pressure, improve production redundancy and provide additional storage capacity closer to Prescott.

    City of Prescott Water Production Facility (Chino Valley):

    The existing booster station is located in the Town of Chino Valley at the City of Prescott’s Water Production Facility, 251 N. State Route 89 (APN 306-23-077C). This project will consist of design and replacement of the City of Prescott water booster facility (buildings, boosters, electrical, controls). The facilities were originally built in the 1940’s and updates have been made to the facilities throughout the years to keep pace with the growing demand.  The current facility is undersized to meet future demands and the existing equipment has reached the end of its service life.  The facility replacement will ensure safe and reliable water supply to the City of Prescott service area. It is anticipated that the new booster station facility will have a firm pumping capacity of 14.0 MGD. By completing this project, the City will be able to provide additional reliability through higher efficiency and modernized equipment (buildings, electrical components, piping).

    Intermediate Pump Station Facility:

    The new intermediate pump station site is anticipated to be located about 1 mile north of Pioneer Parkway and 1 mile west of Willow Creek Road on currently undeveloped land; the site will be accessed from the east from Willow Creek Road. This project will provide the infrastructure to supply required redundancy to the existing water delivery system. This increases the overall reliability of the City’s water supply system by allowing the airport production wells to support the entire water system. Additionally, growth in north Prescott requires that a second pump station be constructed at the Intermediate Pump Station Facility that serves the surrounding pressure zone, Zone 110. The storage capacity required to meet fire demand and development growth needs have been determined by the City’s water model. The anticipated storage required for the intermediate pump station facility is 10 MG with the ability to expand to 15 MG. The intermediate pump station and the Zone 110 pump stations are anticipated to have a pumping capacity of 17.5 MGD and 8.4 MGD, respectively. Both pump station capacities will be evaluated further and confirmed during design.


  • Updated on 6/3/21

    The Willow Creek Road Curve Realignment Project will consist of widening Willow Creek Road through the existing curve from the Deep Well Ranch roundabout south westward to Lone Elk Trail in the Saddlewood Development. The project will be done in conjunction with the widening of Willow Creek Road from the future intersection at Warrior Way to Lone Elk Trail. The work will include widening the road to four lanes with a raised center median, and includes new traffic signals at Lone Elk Way and Warrior Way. The City is also working with APS to relocate the existing 69Kv power poles.

  • Updated on 5/6/21

    This project will include replacement of the existing Zone 16 Tank inside the Hidden Valley Ranch subdivision with a new 250,000 gallon tank. The project will also include tank access road improvements, upsizing of the water main in Haisley Road from Senator Highway to Valley Ranch Circle, increasing the capacity of the Virginia Pump Station, and upsizing of the water main from the termination of South Virginia Street to the Prescott Community Church property. The project will provide improved water delivery and increased fire protection to the area. Haisley Road between Senator Highway and Valley Ranch Circle will also be reconstructed concurrently with the water line improvements.




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