Development Impact Fees

Development Impact Fees for water infrastructure, wastewater infrastructure and water resources are assessed to contribute to costs associated with various infrastructure and necessary public service improvements that need to be expanded as a direct result of development within the City of Prescott. New development areas can require substantial investment and construction of capital facilities before or in conjunction with future development depending on the location of the development and existing infrastructure.

Since not all areas within the City have the same capital facility requirements, the City is divided into separate fee areas so that the fees charged in any one fee area pay only for infrastructure which provides a direct benefit to that particular fee area. For example: the Water System Impact Fee for Service Area ‘F'(SR69 corridor) funds only water system improvements that directly benefit that area. It does not fund water system improvements in Water System Impact Fee Service Area ‘J'(Copper Basin Road), which do not directly benefit from water system improvements in Water System Impact Fee for Service Area ‘F’. In addition, fees vary by infrastructure needs identified in the Infrastructure Improvement Plan (IIP) and growth potential.

Final Reports

Development Impact Fee Process

Date Type Description Document
November 13, 2018 Council Workshop (1:00pm) Workshop on Land Use Assumptions (LUA)
and Infrastructure Improvement Plan (IIP)
Proposed Non-Utility Land Use Assumptions and Infrastructure Improvement Plan 2018
November 13, 2018 Council Voting (3:00pm) Adoption of notice of intent, publishing LUA
and IIP, and set public hearing date
NOI 11-13-18
NOI 11-13-18 Council Agenda Item
Council Agenda Item 11-13-18
January 22, 2019 Council Voting (3:00pm) Public hearing on LUA and IIP IIP and LUA Presentation 2019-01-22
February 26, 2019 Council Voting (3:00pm) Presentation on proposed Development Impact Fees (DIF)
Adoption of LUA and IIP
Adoption of Notice of intent, publish DIF report, and set public hearing on DIF
DIF Presentation 2019-02-26
April 9, 2019 Council Voting (3:00pm) Public hearing on development impact fees 2019-04-09_Prescott City Council – DIF Update Final
May 14, 2019 Council Voting (3:00pm) Adoption of development impact fees Water ReportFinal Report for Water, Water Resource and Wastewater Development Impact Fees dated 4-12-19Non-Utility ReportFinal Report for Non-Utility Development Impact Fees dated 4-4-19Impact Fee2019-05-14 Presentation
August 1, 2019 Implementation of adopted development impact fees


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  • Yes, but the amount of a Development Impact Fee will vary based on the location of the property and the infrastructure that is needed to bring water and sewer service to that location. Properties located in existing neighborhoods will generally see lesser Development Impact Fees. Use the on-line estimator to estimate the amount of Development Impact Fees to be paid by Clicking Here (this “Click Here” should take them to the Impact Fee Estimator)

  • Development Impact Fees are paid to offset costs to the City associated with providing necessary public services.

    The “Water Resource Development Fee” is used for the acquisition of additional water resources as identified in the Cities most recent “Infrastructure Improvement Plan”.

    The “Development Fees for Water System Impacts” is used for improvements related to water production, treatment, transmission and distribution system, such as tanks, water lines, pump stations and wells as identified in the most recent “Infrastructure Improvement Plan”.

    The “Development Fees for Wastewater System Impacts” is used for improvements related to the City’s wastewater treatment and collections system, such as the wastewater treatment plant, the water reclamation facility, sewer lines and lift stations, as identified in the most recent “Infrastructure Improvement Plan”.

  • City Council adopted Ordinance 4889-1427 that assesses impact fees for any new development. These fees help to pay for the infrastructure needed to serve new development.


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