Art in Public Places Committee

The Art in Public Places Committee was originally established in March 2015 and created by Resolution 4280-1489 as a standing committee of the City Council.  The Purpose of this committee is to make recommendations to the City Council on all matters pertaining to the acceptance of public art by providing review and input on proposed donations and public art projects, operating impacts, maintenance, location and appropriateness of art to be included in the public art collection. The Committee consists of five members appointed by the Council who shall serve terms of two (2) years, and includes a representative from each of the following groups:  Prescott museum professional; local gallery owner; arts educator or artist who has completed public art projects; Prescott Area Arts and Humanities Council (PAAHC) representative; and community member with a background in history/historic preservation and/ or interest or degree in art. Appointments will be made in March of even-numbered years. The Committee meets as needed.

  • General Standards that describe public art and identify criteria for acceptance
  • An outline of the process for acceptance begins with receipt of an offer, to include a letter of intention, written description of the artwork, contact information, visual documentation, and supplemental information as may be deemed necessary by the Committee to enable a complete review
  • Site selection requirements including stakeholder review, consideration of other facilities, ADA compliance, engineering requirements, and site plan review
  • Installation cost considerations and risk management review
  • Clarification of responsibilities after installation
  • Process for deaccession of works of art after acceptance
  • A statement of the Artist’s Rights per 17 USC 106A the “Visual Artist’s Rights Act”

View the Public Art Guidelines

For information on how to donate public art, please see these documents:

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  • City Clerk
  • Sarah Siep
  • City Clerk
  • City Hall

    201 S Cortez St

  • 928-777-1272


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