Approaching Series of Winter Storms Jan 12, 2023

Good afternoon all,

The National Weather Service is forecasting a series of winter storms that could bring some very impactful snowfall as well as the potential for heavy rainfall beginning Saturday evening (January 14, 2023) through Wednesday morning. While the forecast currently calls for as much as 2 inches of snow through Tuesday evening, there is a reasonable worst case scenario of over 10 inches, with just a few degrees of difference in temperatures.

We would encourage you to prepare for this event by stocking up on at least 3 days’ worth essentials such as medications, food, water, alternate heating sources and be sure to have electronic devices charged to full capacity in case of prolonged power outages.  

Street Maintenance will begin posting updates twice daily as the storms start impacting the area. We will have two full snow crews as well as equipment on stand-by status as early as Saturday morning and be ready to respond as conditions warrant.

Please keep in mind that forecasts can and do change quickly, impacting road conditions. As precipitation begins to move into the area streets can become slick, even if that precipitation is all rain. Use caution as you travel in the region.

Thank you, and please drive safely.

Brian Scott, Street Maintenance Superintendent.