Announcement Related to Process for Filling Current City Council Vacancy

At their January 26th Executive Session Meeting Council provided direction to staff to move forward with a timeline for the ongoing process of filling the vacancy on City Council due to the resignation of Councilwoman Orr. Below is an overview of the steps that will be taken moving forward. It is Council’s goal to proceed with this process with the utmost transparency and involvement and feedback from the public. The filing deadline for interested citizens to file an application is Wednesday, January 27th at 5 pm.

  • January 28th – City Clerk will provide applications to Council for review in advance of the February 2nd Special Executive Session. Councilmembers will provide the City Clerk with their top five (5) candidates to be discussed in detail at the February 2nd Meeting.
  • February 2nd – Council will convene in a Special Executive Session to review and discuss applicants and then adjourn to a Regular Meeting at which time they will select finalists to be interviewed at a Tuesday, February 16th Special Voting Meeting which will be open to the public.
  • February 3rd – February 16th – Names of selected candidates released and public comment period opened on applicants that will be interviewed at the February 16th Meeting.
  • February 16th – Council will convene a Special Voting Meeting and conduct interviews with selected candidates. Following completion of the interviews, public comment will be opened for a period of 30 minutes. Council will then make a selection and motion on the candidate to fill the vacancy through November 2023. New Councilmember will be sworn in by the City Clerk.
  • February 23rd – New Councilmember’s first meeting. 

Meeting times for the February 2nd and February 16th Meetings will be announced at a future date. Due to COVID restrictions, public meetings will be limited to virtual attendance only.

For more information on the vacancy, visit the City’s website at or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 928-777-1245.