Alison Zelms Accepts Deputy City Manager Position in Mankato, MN

Prescott Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms has accepted the position of Deputy City Manager for the City of Mankato, MN, beginning later this year. In the coming weeks she will work with Prescott's new City Manager Michael Lamar to facilitate the smooth transition of leadership.

"Over the past couple months I've had the pleasure of getting to know Alison while interviewing for the Prescott City Manager job and participating in the strategic planning process," Lamar said. "We've had many in-depth discussions about the City-its organizational structure, the issues it faces, the various options going forward. I was struck by her knowledge and capabilities, and was looking forward to working with her. However, I understand and respect her decision to further her career in the Minnesota position and will make the most of her remaining time here. While her departure is a loss, it in no way alters my vision for the City. I will be collaborating with the City Council and public in the coming weeks to continue to move that vision forward."

Zelms has served as Prescott's Deputy Manager since 2011, a period of time marked by the loss of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots and financial pressures stemming from Arizona's Public Safety Personnel Retirement System. She has worked closely with all City departments, with particular oversight for Fire, Recreation Services, Library, Information Technology, Field and Facilities Services, Tourism and Special Events. She also served as Manager of Legislative Affairs, collaborating with Prescott's Legislative Delegation and the League of Arizona Cities and Towns to further Prescott's position on state and local issues.

"The decision to leave Prescott has not been an easy one," Zelms said. "I've enjoyed building relationships across the City and larger community, and sincerely appreciate the support of the City Council. From day one, I was welcomed here with open arms. Prescott is a great place to live, and I look forward to coming back to visit.

"This community is supported by some of the most professional, dedicated, and committed employees with whom I have ever had the honor to work alongside," she said. "They genuinely care about assuring a bright future for Prescott, and have shown grace and courage through challenging times. I believe Prescott is well positioned to channel that energy into a stronger, more vibrant community in the years to come."

"Bright, adept, professional, highly productive, lively, are terms describing Alison Zelms," Mayor Harry Oberg said. "Those are the attributes the City Manager will be seeking in a replacement. Alison will be missed, by all of us."