AED Annexation Agreement Next Steps

City expects at least two study sessions and public hearing

The City of Prescott has released an expected timeline for the Arizona Eco Development (AED) Development Agreement (DA) and annexation.  There will be several public meetings to discuss the AED project before City Council votes.  Here is a tentative schedule, which is subject to change.

  1. The required 60 Day Comment Period Ends on November 14.   It is important to note that the charter 60 day comment period is intended for public comment on the annexation and master plan as a whole.  The charter language from proposition 400 does not include any reference to development agreements in connection with the 60 day comment period.  
  • Study Session #1.  Likely November 17.  This will be to discuss the annexation and master plan, and to review the cost-benefit analysis.   Staff will also summarize the public comments received during the 60 day comment period and receive additional public comment on the proposed project as a whole.
  • Public release of the Development Agreement.  The DA will be made available for public review for at least 10-14 days prior to a second study session dedicated to discussion of the development agreement.

  • Study Session #2.  Likely December 8, provided there is ample time (10-14 days) for the public to view the DA.   This study session will be strictly to discuss the DA, and any follow up from the first meeting.  If the DA is not available for at least 10-14 days prior to December 8, the study session will be pushed to December 15 or later so that the public will have ample time to review it.

For more information about the AED Annexation, to and select AED Annexation tile from the home page.