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Water Protection

The Water Protection section oversees and operates the Backflow Prevention and Industrial Pretreatment programs for the City of Prescott. Both programs are mandated by state and federal agencies and provide regulatory compliance for city water and wastewater facilities. For questions regarding these programs contact the Water Protection at 928-777-1630.

Industrial Pretreatment

The objective of this mandatory program is to protect each of the following: the wastewater collection system, the wastewater treatment and reclamation facilities, surface waters, and the groundwater which receives recharge from the City of Prescott (COP). These goals will be achieved by permitting, monitoring, and sampling discharge from Industrial and Commercial users, in conjunction with educating commercial and residential users about substances that are harmful to the wastewater system and its processes. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) issued official approval for the COP Pretreatment Program on October 1st 2013. Program documents that were submitted to ADEQ along with a Cost Benefit Analysis and Implementation Plan are available for viewing at the bottom of this section. We welcome your feedback via email, Click here to submit questions or comments about the Program. See the Water Protection Events schedule below for information about past and future Pretreatment events and deadlines. As a mandatory component of developing our Pretreatment Program, the City sent out Sewer User Questionnaires to business owners. A questionnaire must be submitted for all new businesses, and change of use projects. Please see the Questionnaire section below for details.

Water Protection Events

Note: Dates are subject to change.

Event Date Time Location Presentation Minutes Q and A
Submission of Pretreatment Program to ADEQ 0000-00-00
Industrial Pretreatment Industrial User Stakeholder Meeting 2013-02-21 2:00 PM Public Works Click to download presentationClick to download minutesClick to download faq
Industrial Pretreatment Commercial User Stakeholder Meeting 2013-02-28 6:00 PM Council Chambers Click to download presentation
Industrial Pretreatment Commercial User Stakeholder Meeting 2013-03-07 6:00 PM Council Chambers Click to download presentationClick to download faq
Public Hearing on Pretreatment @ Council Meeting with Presentation of Pretreatment Program by ARCADIS 2013-03-12 3:00 PM Council Chambers Click to download presentationClick to download faq
Beginning of 30 Day Public Comment Period 2013-03-12
Q&A for Week Ending 3-22-13 2013-03-22 Click to download faq
Q&A for Week Ending 3-29-13 2013-03-29 Click to download faq
Q&A for Week Ending 4-5-13 2013-04-05 Click to download faq
End of 30 Day Public Comment Period 2013-04-12
Presentation of Comments from 30 day Public Comment Period 2013-04-23 3:00 PM Council Chambers Click to download presentationClick to download faq
Council Adoption of an Amendment to Title II, Chapter 2-1 of the City Code 2013-05-28 3:00 PM Council Chambers
Submit Pretreatment Program to ADEQ 2013-06-07
ADEQ Intent to Approve and Order to Publish Public Notice Received 2013-07-19
Publised "Notice of Request for Approval of a Pretreatment Program" in The Daily Courier 2013-07-24
Begin 30 Public Comment Period 2013-07-25
End 30 Public Comment Period 2013-08-26
ADEQ Issues Official City of Prescott Pretreatment Program Approval 2013-10-01
Sewer User Questionnaire

Questionnaire Notice

The City of Prescott requests your help! We are conducting an on-going survey to help us understand the types of waste that are discharged into City sewers. This survey is a necessary component of the City's Pretreatment Program. The City of Prescott requests that all businesses who receive a notice complete the questionnaire withig 30 days of the notice. We suggest that you click on the .pdf document that best fits your business type and view the specific information needed to complete the questionnaire.

For convenience you may want to print a copy to fill out prior to beginning the online survey. When you are ready to begin, click on the survey link at the bottom of this section. Once you launch the survey, you must complete every question and click "submit" at the end in order for it to be recorded. If you exit the survey or lose your internet connection, you will need to restart the survey and complete all questions from the beginning.

Take the Online Survey

Except for reporting required by state and federal regulatory agencies, and specific information identified by public record disclosure laws, the City of Prescott will not disclose any information that is provided in this questionnaire to third parties.

Public support and participation will ensure that the City of Prescott implements a pretreatment program that is representative of all businesses within the City's service area. Thank you for taking the time to complete the sewer usage questionnaire. We greatly appreciate your participation. To request a paper copy of the survey by mail, or with any other questions, please contact Water Protection at 928-777-1630.

Additional Information

backflowBackflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention helps protect the city water system from pollution and contamination via connections to private water systems. This program is established by Ordinance and is referenced in the Prescott City Code, and has been in effect since 1992.

A backflow preventer is a valve assembly that prevents water from flowing backwards into the water supply line. The device is installed on the outflow side (towards the house) of the water meter to protect the community water supply.

Certified Backflow Testers      (displayed in random order)
Name Company Phone City
McClymonds, Kimble Yavapai Water Production 928-899-3794 Prescott
Adam Rogers Aero Automatic Sprinkler Co 623-580-7800 Phoenix
Kline, James BPDI 602-788-5411 Phoenix
Burke, Dan Alliance Fire Protection Inc. 480-966-9178 Tempe
Aten, Joshua All West Fire Protection 928-776-7861 Prescott
Staehnke, Alan R. Alan Staehnke 928-308-1375 Paulden
Caballero, Lance Arizona Backflow Testing 888-312-8022 Glendale
Bret Evans Climatec Building Technologies Group 602-674-1202 Phoenix
Zeldin, Michael Zeldin Plumbing 928-632-7600 Dewey
Petty, Stephen Fire Tech Services 480-497-0714 Apache Jctn.
Baumgaertel, Coy A Breeze Fire Protection 928-634-8761 Cornville
Randy O'Leary Carescape 928-777-8519 Prescott
Luna, Rick Luna Plumbing 928-632-5678 Prescott
Walton, James M. R.E.D. Plumbing Inc. 928-772-9296 Prescott Valley
Livernois, Bill Big Sky Plumbing Inc. 928-636-7370 Chino Valley
Wortman, Steve Allstate Backflow L.L.C. 602-989-5011 Congress
Grassi, Aaron A. J. Grassi 928-830-6869 Prescott Valley
Ryan, Rick Plumb Crazy 928-778-1127 Prescott
Scott, Derek Tri-City Backflow Testing 928-925-1294 Chino Valley
Mazor, Micheal American Safety Services 602-799-6999 Phoenix
Trejo, Antonio AAT Plumbing Inc. 928-830-8852 Chino Valley
Baker, Skip Backflow Preventor 928-301-1451 Camp Verde
Hildebrant, Charles Mountain Path Landscaping 928-775-5535 Prescott Valley
Walters, Anthony Sun Devil Fire 623-245-0636 Phoenix
Elliot, John Yavapai Plumbing & Heating 928-776-7025 Prescott Valley
Crownoble, Alfred AMFLO 928-634-4405 Cottonwood
Williams, Rick Metering Services 480-731-4793 Tempe
Peterson, Craig Prescott Landscape Co. 928-925-9395 Prescott
Consolo, Anthony A C 928-533-6836 Prescott
Cherry, Gordon Cintas 928-772-7222 Prescott
Gibbs, Jodi B&W Fire Security Systems LLC 928-772-8008 Prescott Valley
Neilsen, Shane Backflow Solutions 928-533-2854 Prescott Valley
Meyers, John R. Centurion Fire Protection 928-301-1451 Mesa