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Water Conservation

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Water Use History and Conservation Incentive Credit Program

Request your personalized water use and Utility Cost History – data, tables and graph

City water utility customers can now request a water use history displaying their water consumption over the course of several years. Compare your usage month to month over several years, and see how your water use pattern changes. This is a do- it- yourself tool that can assist you in determining where to invest in water efficiency. Perhaps it will guide you to investing in indoor water efficient appliances and fixtures or encourage you to change or improve your outdoor watering practices.

To get started you will need you 10 digit utility account number and utility address. Please link and complete the form then click on the “Submit” button at the end. You will receive an email confirming your irrigation water audit request, which will be answered within 3-5 days.

Water Conservation Incentive Program - products, rules & application

Incentive credits may be available to support a water smart investment. See the Water Conservation Incentive applications for rules and products that are currently eligible for a utility bill credit.

Request an application be sent by mail by calling 928-777-1130

Note: Incentive program is subject to Fiscal Year Budget and is awarded as a utility bill credit to Prescott utility customers only. Based on a first come first served basis.

Water Saving Possibilities

A two-bathroom household that is retrofitted with all of the proposed incentives (water efficient toilet, shower head, washing machine, point of demand hot water circulator, and provides leak repairs, turf removal) will save approximately 30,500 gallons of water per year.

The savings in water would amount to approximately 1400-acre feet saved per year at our current population. Imagine if every household adopts water-efficient plumbing devices, installs Water Smart landscape and every household member would practive daily water conservation.

Gallons saved with proposed incentives per house or business per year
Table outlining water savings from various sources.
Primary source: Vickers. 2001. Handbook of Water Use and Conservation

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