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Water Conservation

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Prescott, AZ, 86303
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April is Water Awareness Month

Recognizing that Arizona is an arid state with finite water supplies and a growing population, it is essential that we do our part to ensure that we have the water we need for our community to thrive for generations to come. For that reason, the month of April was designated as Water Awareness Month.

The City of Prescott encourages residents to participate in celebrating Water Awareness Month by taking action to conserve water and practicing a WaterSmart lifestyle.

Start living a WaterSmart Lifestyle today...

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Request a free Water Use History and guide to help you find ways to help save water, inside and out!
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Review your water use history to understand your water use patterns and determine the best way to save water at your house. Learn about indoor water saving options or learn about outdoor saving options.


Complete a Water Conservation Incentive Credit Application for upgrades inside the house or outside the house to get your water conservation rebates.

This month, take part in an opportunity to learn more about Your water resources:

Celebrate 30 days of Water Awareness Month with 30 Days of Water Awareness tips

City of Prescott Upcoming Events:

  1. Water exhibit at the Prescott Public Library: April 2015
  2. SciTech Fest: April 17-18
  3. Granite Creek Cleanup: April 18
  4. Prescott College Earth Day: April 18
  5. Highlands Center Spring Native Plant Sale: May 2
  6. Yavapai Home and Garden Show: May 15-17

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