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Water Conservation

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201 S Cortez Street
Prescott, AZ, 86303
Phone 928-777-1100
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Additional questions may be directed to the City of Prescott by e-mail at or 928-777-1645.

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Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Inside Plumbing:

  1. Insulate to reduce exposure to outside air leaks.
  2. Consider draining water lines and fixtures if leaving for the season.
  3. Open sink cabinet doors to circulate warm air.
  4. Maintain interior temperatures above 55° when leaving for extended periods and have someone check your home regularly.
  5. Never use a blow torch or flame to thaw pipes. The use of a hot hair dryer or even a light bulb over a period of time will solve the problem.

Outside Plumbing:

  1. Begin to winterize in the late fall/early winter.
  2. Shut off and drain pipes to exterior spigots.
  3. Wrap vulnerable pipes with foam sleeves or insulation.
  4. Locate your customer shutoff valve so you know where it is if you have a pipe break. If you don’t have one, consider hiring a plumber to install one.
  5. If appropriate, consider having a qualified person install "heat tape" or "heat cable".

More Information:

  1. If a pipe breaks and you cannot get the water turned off, call the City of Prescott Utilities service line at 928.777.1118.
  2. For information specific to the Prescott area, please contact a licensed plumber or building professional. Visit Yavapai County Contractors Association website.

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