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Message from Chief Jerald Monahan

Chief of Police Jerald Monahan

As the appointed Chief of Police for the people and city of Prescott, I am honored to serve on a team of men and women dedicated to providing the highest level of public safety services possible. These men and women are committed professionals who care deeply about their community and the ideals of their profession.

On a daily basis Prescott Police Department personnel practice community policing and the activities that support that concept; those being crime prevention, problem solving, and community partnerships. The Prescott Police Department staff and volunteers engage this principle and proven public safety strategy continuously.

Your police department understands that to be effective at reducing crime and increasing the quality of life, it must address the factors that cause crime. This involves the entire community as every citizen has a part to play in keeping our neighborhoods healthy. Each of us has an impact on our community and can assist in deterring criminal behavior. Additionally, all of us can do little things that make a big difference: locking our car doors; not leaving valuables in plain sight in our vehicle or garages; practicing safe driving habits; and not being aggressive on the road. All of these things can and do amount to a safer lifestyle and one that is less attractive to a would-be criminal. We are the fulltime representatives in the city to carry out the public safety function and duty, but all of us as citizens and community members must take action to prevent crime.

Our partnerships with community members and organizations serve as a multiplier in how the mission of the Prescott Police Department is carried out successfully each and every day. Our Mission Statement is: 'to provide the highest level of service in a collaborative effort with our community to protect life, property, and the rights of citizens.' Our volunteers are one example of community members stepping up and serving the public safety needs of Prescott. The citizens on patrol program utilizes the eyes and ears of trained, uniformed volunteers to help spot and report matters of concern to the police department. Their willingness to give their time and talent makes Prescott safer. Several other volunteer programs exist and each one contributes to the daily success of the mission. Prescott is better because of these caring and dedicated men and women. I encourage you to visit the volunteer information section of this website to learn more about this program.

The Prescott Police Department's strategic plan provides direction for how our mission is carried out. Our overall vision is to have and maintain: organizational excellence; strengthened relationships; strong homeland defense and emergency management; advanced technological solutions; enhanced facilities; and reduced crime. These high level goals are accomplished through various objectives that are carried out on a day-to-day basis.

Addressing issues surrounding intimate partner violence is a priority. In many of these cases, the violence spills over into the community and all of us are at risk from these abusive, violent individuals. Domestic violence related deaths in Arizona average close to 100+ per year, with 131 such deaths occurring in 2012. Members of the Prescott Police Department are active with the Yavapai County Coordinated Community Response Team and with the newly created Yavapai Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team to address domestic and sexual violence. On the Police department website under victim resources, you will find links to website addresses for organizations working to address the needs of crime victims. One way the entire community can assist victims of sexual assault is to embrace the "Start by Believing" campaign. Please click on the Start by Believing logo for more information on this important response to these victims.

Start by Believing

Citizens and guests of Prescott can take pride in how their public safety personnel carry out the police function. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and incorporate national best practices in policing. The Prescott Police Department is an example of what a professional, competent police department looks like and how one operates.

Jerald L. Monahan
Chief of Police

Phone: 928-777-1900 | Email Jerald Monahan

Deputy Chief Andrew Reinhardt

Deputy Chief Andrew Reinhardt

Deputy Chief Reinhardt serves as the second in command of the Prescott Police Department and reports directly to the Chief of Police. He is tasked with overseeing, monitoring and supporting the philosophy of the Chief of Police by providing direction to the sworn and civilian members assigned to the three bureaus. The Bureau Commanders report directly to the Deputy Chief.

With a professional history of bringing innovative ideas and solutions to long-term problems, Deputy Chief Reinhardt is committed to making a positive impact and relationship with our neighborhoods and community throughout Prescott.

His Qualifications include:

  • Administrative of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice from Maricopa County Community College
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix
  • Graduate of the 239th Session of the FBI National Academy
  • Deputy Chief Reinhardt joined the Prescott Police Department as a patrol lieutenant in July, 2006 and was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief in October 2012. He began his law enforcement career in 1985 with the Mesa Police Department where he moved through the ranks in all facets of law enforcement

Phone: 928-777-1941 | Email Andrew Reinhardt