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Facilities Rentals

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Ramada Rentals

Ramadas in City parks can be reserved for small or large groups, for an entire day or less. A reservation ensures the exclusive use of the ramada, and allows advance notice so that we can prepare for your group's arrival. The City of Prescott reserves the right to deny any reservation. Commercial events will require a certificate of Liability. For any additional information please call the recreation Office at 928-777-1122.

Large Ramadas
Will require a $100 reservation hold within 10 days of reservation. $100 is refundable if cancelled 45 days prior to event.

  • Half Day (4hrs or less) $150
  • Full Day (open to close) $300
    • Goldwater Lake Ramada (capacity 100)
    • Lakeview Ramada
    • Pinetop Ramada
    • Watson Upper Ramada
    • Willow Lake Hilltop Ramada**
    • Willow Lake Garden Ramada**
  • Refundable deposit: $200

Medium Ramadas

  • Half Day (4hrs or less) $100
  • Full Day (open to close) $175
    • Granite Creek Park Ramada**
    • Vista Park Ramada**
    • Willow Creek Park Ramada**
  • Refundable deposit: $200

Small Ramadas

  • Half Day (four hours or less) $75
  • Whole Day (open to close) $125
    • Watson Lower Ramada (capacity 40)
    • Flinn Park Ramada (capacity 40)**
    • Ken Lindley Park Ramada (capacity 40)**
  • Refundable deposit: $200

** Requires a $10 Alcohol Permit to consume beer and/or malt beverages ONLY.