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North Course

Antelope Hills Golf Course - North Course Map

South Course

Antelope Hills Golf Course - South Course Map



The PDF contains scorecards for both the North and the South courses.

Click here to download the scorecards

USGA rules will govern all play along with the following rules:

  • Out of Bounds is defined by:
    1. The inside edge of white stakes or lines, villa walls, and wooden fences.
    2. In the absence of stakes, the inside edge of street curbs, paved public roads, or transportation trails.
  • Property line walls and split rail fences, white stakes and golf balls crossing public roads are considered out-of-bounds.
  • Water Hazards are defined by Yellow Stakes or Lines.
  • Lateral Water Hazards are defined by Red Stakes or Lines.
  • All yardages are measured to the center of the green.
  • Ground Under Repair: which allows free relief under the following conditions:
    1. Areas enclosed by white lines.

Keep carts on paths around tees and greens and on all Par 3's.


  • Pace of play is 4 hours.
  • Players must not change courses without permission.
  • Please keep all cars away from trees, out of desert areas and at least 10 yards from the greens.
  • Maximum two people per cart & each player must have their own clubs.
  • Please no outside food or beverages; no coolers are allowed.
  • Please repair ball marks on the greens, rake bunkers, and fill divots in the fairways with sand provided to you.