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Station 73 (1980 Clubhouse Drive)

Photo of Station 73Station 73

  • 1 Type 1 Engine
  • 1 ARFF Unit
  • 1 Type 6 Patrol

Photo of Engine 73Engine 73

  • 1 Captain
  • 2 Engineers
  • 1 Firefighter
  • Certified Emergency Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Technician Basic
  • Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter Certified

Station #73 was built in 1974, cost $50,000. Response area 20 sq. miles. Response area includes, Prescott Airport Ernest A. Love Field, second busiest airport in the State of Arizona. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and U.S. Forest Service Fire Center and Tanker Base, America West Airlines, Ruger Castings Co. and an Industrial park along with Hwy. 89 and Hwy. 89A, State Lands and surrounding rural areas.

Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF)

Photo of Fire EngineARFF is the terminology that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has dictated for the airport fire departments across the nation to use for all official communication and correspondence to the Federal government or any other official entity when speaking about airport fire fighting operations.

The purpose of ARFF is to provide fire fighting rescue operations and fire prevention services to air travelers and aviation users so they can be provided with acceptable emergency responses. Services of ARFF include:

  • Emergency assistance - aircraft accident response,
  • general medical assistance,
  • inspection of airport fuel farms and fuel service equipment,
  • aircraft hangars and airport-owned buildings and fire sprinkler systems.

ARFF is staffed and operated by Prescott Fire Department personnel (Station 73) whose responsibilities are to respond to all airport incidents, and to respond to all aircraft accidents occurring on or in the immediate vicinity of the airport. ARFF personnel and equipment is funded by the Prescott Fire Department with the Airport contributing to annual ARFF-related training expenses and equipment purchases.