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Public Works Engineering

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Engineering Standards & Specifications

The Public Works Department has posted the following details and specifications to be downloaded for use by the private sector in the generation of construction plans to be submitted to the City of Prescott for approval.

Sample of Standard Detail
Sample of a Standard Detail Drawing

Civil Engineering Standards Hierarchy of Precedence
  • The City of Prescott General Engineering Requirements Manual (in progress/under construction)
  • The City of Prescott's Standard Details and Specifications
  • YAG 1998 Standards and Specifications
  • The Uniform Standard Specifications and Details for Public Works Construction, as published by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG Specifications & Details) ,available on the web .
Statement of Intent with Regard to Digital Data

The City of Prescott is requiring digital CADD data for all submittals. It is the City's intent to use this base form data in-house to benefit the public by updating GIS models, City Survey Models, and As-Built Records with increased accuracy and efficiency. The City shall not release proprietary CADD format digital information in base form without the consent of the design engineer. The City shall have the right to release IMAGE files of plan set data to the public as public record information in the same way that hard copy plan files are released.

Survey Requirements and Local Coordinate System Information

City of Prescott Base Station Information

Frequency 460.0875
Mod is GMSK
Bandwidth 12.5kHz (Narrowband spectrum)
TrimMark3 protocol (CMR+)
Radio Link rate 9600

Location of Base

Latitude 34° 34' 29.2797"
Longitude 112° 28' 48.72637"
Height 5587.029 International Feet
Antenna Height 0.0 at bottom of antenna mount

City of Prescott Benchmarks

Digital Files Legal Disclaimer:

These documents in machine readable form are instruments of professional service developed specifically for the City of Prescott and the Yavapai Association of Governments. Ownership of the documents is retained by the City of Prescott. However, the documents nonetheless shall in this instance, be released to the user for general reference and information. In downloading these documents, the user agrees that the documents shall not, without the written consent of the City of Prescott, be used for any other purpose than what is authorized herein. User acknowledges and agrees that the City of Prescott provides no representation as to the accuracy, reliability, or applicability of the documents for the purpose stated herein or for any purpose other than what was originally intended by these documents. The user shall notify the City of Prescott about all inconsistencies and other indications of non-coordination between the drawings, specifications, other documents and data prepared or supplied by the City of Prescott or as indicated by field conditions. In return for the City of Prescott's release of the documents, user agrees to waive any claim against the City of Prescott and shall assume the defense of, indemnify, and hold the City of Prescott harmless from any claim or liability for injury or loss allegedly arising from this authorized use or any unauthorized re-use of the documents, excepting only such liability as determined by a court or forum of competent jurisdiction to arise out of sole negligence or willful misconduct of the City of Prescott. User further agrees to compensate the city of Prescott for any time spent or expenses incurred by the City of Prescott in defense of any such claim in accordance with the City of Prescott prevailing fee schedule and expense reimbursement policy. Said expenses include but are not limited to, court costs and reasonable attorney's fees. In downloading these files, user acknowledges that in a conflict between sealed drawings and the electronic files, the sealed drawings shall govern. User accepts that the downloading, opening, and activation of these files by turning 'on' any layers or levels constitutes agreement with this release and indemnity agreement. In order to properly view the Cadd format documents, the user will need to turn 'on' all layers or levels. Any changes, revisions, additions, or deletions from these files shall require the renaming of the detail to reflect said changes and the detail and/or detail sheet shall be signed by the design engineer of record.

City of Prescott Detail Drawings

Drawing Set PDF Microstation DGN AutoCAD DWG/DXF Other
COP Standard Details Click to download pdf Click to download zip file Click to download zip file Layers List
Roadway Typical Sections Click to download pdf Click to download zip file Click to download zip file  
YAG 1998 Click to download pdf Click to download zip file Click to download zip file Specs

Plan Review Checklists