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Public Works Engineering


The City of Prescott is proposing to revise the General Engineering Standards, including the Quad City Standard Details, in 2017. Proposed changes to the document and the Quad City Standard Details can be seen by clicking on the documents below. All changes are shown in "RED".

Questions or comments related to the proposed changes can be submitted by or by calling 928-777-1130.

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The City of Prescott Public Works Department and Yavapai County Contractors Association provided a series of Lunch N Learn Sessions to assist contractors and developers through the permitting, plan review and inspection processes.

To view the video's click on one of the links below:

  • Public Works Plan Review – "What Are The Expectations & What Does Public Works Look For" View the video
  • City Fees – "The Cost of Doing Business" View the video
  • "Erosion and Sediment Controls" – Learn Which Best Management Practices (BMP's) work and which won’t. View the video
  • "Grading and Drainage Inspections" – Give input on proposed inspection changes. Final permits easier and faster. View the video
  • "Public Works Inspections" – What Does Public Works Look for and Why? View the video

The City Council adopted the "General Engineering Standards", which include the Quad City "Standard Details", on June 7, 2016. The intent of the standards is to provide clear and concise direction regarding technical requirements, policies, and processes to facilitate the design and construction of City Capital Projects and private development projects that include public improvements, such as water main, sewer main, drainage, streets, etc, which will be given to the City for long-term operation and maintenance. The General Engineering Standards will be in effect beginning on July 6, 2016.

Comments or questions regarding the General Engineering Standards, please call 928-777-1130.

Flood Maps Have Changed

What you should know
The City of Prescott, in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), have completed a comprehensive Physical Map Revision of the flood hazard area along creeks within the City of Prescott and surrounding unincorporated portions of Yavapai County. The new maps will become effective March 6, 2018.

New Flood Maps - Know Your Risk

It is important for you to understand your flood insurance options. If you have a loan and your property is newly identified to be in a high‐risk area (e.g., Zone A, AE), your lender will probably require flood insurance. The National Flood Insurance Program provides savings by allowing lower‐cost Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) rates to be used up to 11 months after a new flood map becomes effective. Premiums will then increase no more than 18 percent each year.

Additional savings can be realized if a policy is in place before the maps become effective. If your property is no longer in a high-risk area or has had no change, you are still strongly encouraged to convert your policy to a PRP and continue to carry flood insurance. Contact your insurance provider for more details.

To learn more about the Physical Map Revision and how it affects your current flood risk, visit For general information, call (928) 237-3114 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Civil Engineering Standards Hierarchy of Precedence
  • The City of Prescott General Engineering Requirements Manual (in progress/under construction)
  • The City of Prescott's Standard Details and Specifications
  • YAG 1998 Standards and Specifications
  • The Uniform Standard Specifications and Details for Public Works Construction, as published by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG Specifications & Details) ,available on the web .
Statement of Intent with Regard to Digital Data

The City of Prescott is requiring digital CADD data for all submittals. It is the City's intent to use this base form data in-house to benefit the public by updating GIS models, City Survey Models, and As-Built Records with increased accuracy and efficiency. The City shall not release proprietary CADD format digital information in base form without the consent of the design engineer. The City shall have the right to release IMAGE files of plan set data to the public as public record information in the same way that hard copy plan files are released.

City of Prescott Detail Drawings

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The City of Prescott Detail Drawings are available in pdf format on the City website. They can be found in Appendix B of the General Engineering Standards or by clicking on the link below:

Plan Review Checklists