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Building Permits

Do you need a building permit?

Most construction work requires a permit, there are minor exceptions and examples are provided below.

Examples of Permit Exempt Items
  • Painting
  • Plumbing Fixture Replacement
  • Receptacle/Switch Replacement
  • Fences under 4'*
  • Decks less than 30" above grade and less than 100SF surface**
  • Sheds under 120SF & within setback requirements

* Site Plan Approval Required
** Site Plan Approval Required and not within the Wildland/Urban Interface.

Examples of Items Requiring Building Permits
  • Carports
  • Fences over 4'
  • Covered Patios
  • Replacement of Roofing Materials
  • Window Replacement
  • Water Heater Installation


Permit Packages

The following permit packages and submittal forms can be downloaded here. Please contact the building division, 777-1356, with questions.


Q. Are permits required to replace electrical or plumbing?
A. NO: If only minor repairs such as replacing a light fixture, outlet, toilet or faucet, or fixing a leak.
YES: If any new wiring or plumbing pipe is extended or installed.
Q. Can the Owner do the work?
A. YES: If it is a residential building and the owner lives there, he or she can do all the work as long as it complies with code. If it is commercial, the owner can do general work (framing, drywall, and concrete) only if he or she is going to be the only person to occupy or be in the building.
NO: If it is a commercial building a State-licensed contractor is required for all work when the public or employees will visit, occupy or be in the building.
Q. Why do I need a permit?
A. A permit ensures that the City Building Inspection Division will inspect the work. The inspector may discover faulty materials, deviations from the approved plans or violations of the building codes and land use codes that may result in an unsafe or hazardous condition for you or your family. It is a violation of City ordinance not to have a permit when work being done requires one. Failure to obtain a permit may result in an investigation fee being added to the cost of the permit and/or may result in prosecution in city court.
Q. Is a permit required to install or replace a water heater?
A. Yes, There are several safety related issues the inspector will check for. These include the expansion tank, temperature/pressure relief valve, combustion air for gas appliances, and, if installed in a garage, the proper height above the floor.
Q. Is a building permit required for window replacement?
A. The replacement of glass in hazardous locations and glass required to be fire-rated requires a building permit. In addition, a building permit is required if an entire window assembly is being replaced. A building permit is not required for the replacement of glass panes.
Q. Is an architect or engineer required to draw my plans?
A. The Arizona State Board of Technical Registration regulates when a project requires a registrant. According to Rule R4-30-301 a registrant is not required for single family homes but is required for all new, additions, and remodel projects for commercial and multi-family projects over 3,000 square feet in area. This applies to remodel projects in strip malls for example if the over all building size exceeds 3,000 square feet even if the space being remodeled is less than 3,000 square feet. State Board of Technical Registration.