Prescott Launches History Hunt Adventure

Prescott now has a new way to explore history!  The Prescott History Hunt Adventure Guide is a free, fun and interactive tour for youngsters, families, students, visitors, classrooms or any adventure seekers looking to learn a bit more about Prescott’s history and heritage. 

The History Hunt Adventure Guide will take you to nine historical landmarks and cultural attractions, currently part of the Prescott Heritage Trail.  There are questions or activities that pertain to each stop, to challenge young visitors and students.  The guide was developed in collaboration with local organizations, historians, educators and community members, who created an enriching experience for youngsters, students, families and visitors.

“The Prescott History Hunt Adventure is a great enhancement to the Heritage Trail,” said City Manager Michael Lamar, who conceived the initial Heritage Trail concept.  “The History Hunt is interactive for students, from elementary through high school.  Plus it’s fun for parents and visitors as well.”

In the spring of 2018 the Prescott Heritage Trail launched, it is a self-guided walking tour designed to take you to some of Prescott’s historical landmarks and cultural attractions.  Currently the Heritage Trail is comprised of 29 sites. You can do the Heritage Trail all at one time, or at your own leisure.  As an added portion of the Heritage Trail the History Hunt Adventure Guide was launched.  

The Prescott History Hunt Adventure is sponsored by the City of Prescott, the Prescott Chamber of Commerce and the Prescott Western Heritage Foundation. The guide can be picked up along with a Prescott Heritage Trail map, at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center, located at 117 West. Goodwin Street. 


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