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Local Public-Private Partnerships Build Green Infrastructure to Improve Local Water Quality

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Prescott Creeks and the City of Prescott, working with T. Barnabas Kane Landscape Architects and Fann Environmental, have broken ground on a water quality bio-basin at the corner of Whipple Street and Miller Valley Rd. This newly shaped and planted basin is funded by Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, with the goal of the project to filter pollutants from urban runoff before it reaches local creeks and lakes.

"Green Infrastructure" is a broad term for features that rely on natural processes such as soil, water, and plants to provide ecosystem services such as a clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, and temperature regulation. The project will create green infrastructure in a highly urban area that imitates the drainage and filtration that occurs in nature. Stormwater flowing into the basin during storms will be guided through a series of basins, a meandering channel filled with a sandy soil mix, over rocks and native plants, providing for filtration and absorption before the water flows downstream to the North Fork of Granite Creek. It is anticipated that this project will also contribute to water conservation - native plants, once established, will be sustained by the water flowing through the basin.

The City of Prescott supports the Whipple Street bio-basin as a demonstration of innovative stormwater management methods that address both water quality and quantity while beautifying urban areas. Projects that incorporate green infrastructure back into the urban environment show great promise as one way to address water quality problems in local creeks and lakes. Similar basins will be constructed at the Rowle P. Simmons Community Center at 1280 E. Rosser St.

Prescott Creeks is seeking volunteers to help with the hands-on rockwork and planting of the basin on April 28, 29, and 30. If you are interested, please contact Prescott Creeks.

Prescott Creeks is a nonprofit organization with the mission to promote, protect and celebrate the ecological integrity of riparian systems and associated wetlands in the central Arizona watersheds through conservation, restoration and education. For more information see