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Community Residence Registrations Surge in 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

The number of community residences that have registered with the City of Prescott have increased by 181 percent from 43 in November 2013 to 121 in February 2014.

In September 2013, the City Council adopted Land Development Code amendments pertaining to "community residences" that included a voluntary registration program for existing community residences. Community residences are a form of shared living arrangements for a group of people who do not meet the definition of a single housekeeping unit. A single housekeeping unit is generally considered to be any number of related, or up to six unrelated, persons living as the functional equivalent of a traditional family.

The increasing numbers of registrations can be attributed in large part to enhanced outreach efforts by the City to engage business owners to register.

"We are encouraged by the influx of new registrations in recent months and that is a credit to Council Members and City employees who made this issue a top priority," said Mayor Marlin Kuykendall. "We especially appreciate the owners who have stepped up to become part of a solution and not the problem. We will continue to bolster our efforts to improve this process for the community."