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New Downtown Parking Policy Balances Awareness and Enforcement

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Last month the City of Prescott implemented a parking warning policy designed to educate the public about the two-hour parking limit applicable to designated spaces in the downtown area. The warning policy is to raise public awareness of the time limit for those who might otherwise inadvertently violate the restriction.

The warning policy has been in effect since September 1. First-time offenders receive a written notice on their vehicle, with subsequent violations in a one-year period resulting in a parking citation and $33 penalty.

"Visitors to downtown Prescott should also appreciate this new approach to parking enforcement that does not compromise the goal of having the time limit," said Dave Maurer, CEO of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce. "It solves the problem of the occasional visitor not seeing the parking time limit signs and receiving a parking ticket as a result."