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Residential Glass Recylcing Returns July 1, 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The City will begin collecting glass in residential recycling containers on July 1, 2013. Please place all glass bottles in the blue residential recycle container for collection. Glass bottles only. No plate glass or windshields will be accepted.

The total landfill diversion rate for all solid waste streams (including metal, green waste, inert debris, cardboard, etc.) serviced by the City averages 38.5% or 25,858 tons. Residential recyclable materials make up approximately 11% or 2,900 tons of the total diversion. The City manages its waste stream in a manner that seeks to divert as much tonnage as practicable from entering the landfill. This practice is more sustainable, lengthens the useful life of the landfill, and saves money for the City and all of our solid waste customers.

Reinstituting glass recycling is expected to divert an additional 5% or 135 tons of materials from the landfill annually. The co-mingled recyclable material will be sent to a materials recovery facility, where it will be separated, sorted, and properly recycled. The City of Prescott thanks you for your participation in the glass recycling program and is pleased to be able to bring this additional recycling service to residents.

For more information about recyclable materials, visit our website or contact the City of Prescott Transfer Station at 777.1116.