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Be Mindful of Restrctions for Yard Sale Signs

Monday, June 03, 2013

Many Prescott residents and visitors enjoy frequenting yard and garage sales. "This time of year we see an increase in garage sale signage violations," says Kelli Sammeli, code enforcement supervisor for the City of Prescott. In an effort to avoid being cited while helping keep our community clean and beautiful, Sammeli recommends that citizens remain mindful of city codes that regulate signage.

"When we discuss the 'Right of Way,'" explains Sammeli, "We're referring to streets, sidewalks, and all property from the street to the adjoining private property."

Garage and yard sales signs are allowed in the right of way subject to the following rules and regulations:

  • Signs must be flat, up to 21" x 27" (no paper or cardboard)
  • Signs must be identified with the name and address of the individual posting the sign
  • Signs may be located on the edge of the sidewalk or right of way area
  • Signs must be removed when sale is completed
  • Limit of two signs per event

Residents are limited to three yard or garage sales per year

Prohibited signage

  • Signs placed in the downtown Prescott area
  • Signs within a street, public trail, city planter, roadway or other thoroughfare
  • Signs affixed to trees, traffic signs, traffic control devices, or utility poles
  • Signs associated with events, sales, and or businesses that take place on a continuing basis at a permanent location
  • Signs emitting sound, containing light bulbs, balloons, or flashing illumination
  • Signs that are animated or moving

For further information, please contact the Code Enforcement Division at: (928) 777-1271.