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Revised Impact Fee Schedule Released

Monday, June 22, 2009


(Prescott, AZ) - Current impact fees for water and sewer services will be locked in for complete permit applications submitted with full payment prior to 4:00 PM, July 10, 2009, says Community Development Director Tom Guice, in advance of a new fee schedule.

The revised schedule is posted in an official Public Notice informing citizens that impact and development fees for new water and sewer services will increase effective July 11, 2009. The document is posted in City Hall at 201 S. Cortez as well as on the City of Prescott's website at www.cityof

Impact fees collected for new water and sewer facilities are necessary to serve new growth. These projects often include capacity augmentation which provide service improvement to customers in our existing neighborhoods.

"When a water main is replaced by a larger one, in addition to making capacity available for unbuilt lots or tracts, water pressure and flow are upgraded, significantly enhancing domestic services, and fire flow for public safety," explains Craig McConnell, Deputy City Manager.

For further information or to submit interview requests for city officials, please contact Kim Kapin at 777-1362.