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City of Prescott Legal Department
221 S. Cortez Street
Prescott, AZ, 86303
Phone 928-777-1274 (Attorney)
Phone 928-777-1283 (Prosecutor)

The Legal Department is divided into 2 sections: the Criminal Division and the Civil Division.

Criminal Division

This division is responsible for prosecuting all criminal and traffic offenses that occur within the City limits (except for felonies). However, we do occasionally receive special authorization from the County Attorney to prosecute felonies. This division also acts as the legal advisor to the Police Department and other City Departments charged with enforcing the criminal violations as set forth in state statutes and city code.

Civil Division

This division is responsible for advising the City Council, City Manager, and all City departments, committees and commissions on legal issues; preparing and/or reviewing all documents, contracts, resolutions, ordinances and policies of the city; lobbying for or against legislation (both at the state and federal level, as directed by the Council); works with the risk manager in reviewing all claims filed against the city and determining whether to pay or reject said claims; defend the City in all lawsuits filed against the City; represents the City in all civil litigation, and tort litigation; files suit on behalf of the City to obtain monies due the City (such as unpaid taxes, unpaid assessments); and files suits to enforce various City Code provisions (such as zoning violations, sign code violations, property maintenance ordinance, etc).

Where to get legal assistance

The city’s legal department cannot provide legal advice. Please try one of the following community resources:

  • Community Legal Service 445-9240
  • Elder Hot Line 800-231-5441
  • Adult Center 778-3000