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Granite Dells Ranch Plan


Granite Dells Ranch Commercial/Industrial Subdivision

Granite Dells Ranch is requesting to annex 387 acres into the City of Prescott. The developer is proposing a commercial and industrial subdivision on approximately 498 acres southeast of the Prescott Airport. The project includes land already within the City boundary. No residential uses are proposed and will be prohibited by a Development Agreement between the developer and the City.

A change of zoning of 450 acres is requested from residential to commercial and industrial to allow for the proposed commercial uses. The projects proximity to the airport would suggest that commercial uses would be desirable here. Granite Creek runs through the project and will remain protected as a floodway. The City will be rezoning the Peavine Trail adjacent to the project to open space (OS).

Granite Dells Ranch Proposed Zoning

A Master Development Plan has been provided outlining the commercial/industrial subdivision. The applicants do not wish to apply for preliminary plat at this time. The applicants must eventually go through the City of Prescott commercial subdivision plat and site plan review process which will specifically address infrastructure, parking, lighting, landscaping, trails and other issues before building permits may be issued. Traffic and utilities (water and wastewater) analyses and a cost/benefit study have been completed.

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