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Smart Growth Activities in the City of Prescott

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The City's mission of smart growth begins with the 2003 General Plan which is implemented through the Land Development Code, then coordinating & implementing annexations while protecting valuable regional resources including water, open space, trails, historic & cultural resources and the airport. The Arizona population expands along with the population of the nation. We look at past, present and future trends in growth to plan for expansion and change. Extensive analysis is needed to address water, sewer and traffic needs so we may grow in the smartest way possible. This will assure that the City can maintain a sustainable and prosperous future.

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The Mayor and Council have directed City staff to study areas of future annexation. As a result, the City has amended the General Plan, and will work toward updating the Land Development Code, the long & short term water policy and evalute "form based" codes. To assure smart growth in and around the airport, the Airport Master Plan, Airport Specific Area Plan, Transportation Plan and the West Airport Area Water & Sewer Master Plan are being considered for either adoption by the Council or to be amended to bring them up to date. By maintaining growth plans, City staff can anticipate transportation and utilities infrastructure needs for the future.

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