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Community Partners

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Government Agency Partners

The City Centennial Committee is working together with three other government agencies to assure that may exciting Centennial activities take place and are promoted in the community.

  1. The Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC), under the auspices of the State Library System and State Archives Department, was established by the State Senate in 2005. Its charge is to promote and coordinate statewide planning of Centennial activities and to assure historical focus and accuracy of projects.
  2. The Arizona Centennial Commission (AZCC) was established by an Executive Order from then-Governor Napolitano in 2008, to operate under the Arizona Office of Tourism. It was founded to enhance the work of AHAC and to assist in planning and promoting State and local events. In addition, this agency is responsible for sanctioning and supporting large events conducted locally and will also conduct three major events, one each in the three cities which have served as capitols: Prescott, Phoenix, and Tucson.
  3. The Yavapai County State Centennial Committee was established in January 2009 and serves under the County Board of Supervisors. It is charged with approving and assisting with development of projects held in the County, mounting a County Legacy project, and maintaining a website calendar of all County-wide events. The City and County Committees will collaborate on some projects, , and the County web calendar will include City activities.

Community Partners

Thanks to the organizations and individuals below for their support:

  • Alta Vista Garden Club
  • Arizona Pioneers Home
  • Autumn Blaze Construction
  • Cableone/Channel 13
  • Fann Contracting
  • KAZ-TV
  • KPPV-106.7 The Mix
  • KYCA- Fox Radio
  • Magic 99.1 Radio
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Morgan Sign Company
  • Office Max
  • Olsens's Grain, Inc
  • Perry Restaurant Group
  • Prescott Area Arts and Humanities Council
  • Prescott Chamber Ambassadors
  • Prescott Chamber of Commerce
  • Prescott Daily Courier
  • Prescott College
  • Prescott Frontier Days
  • Prescott H.S. Band/Dan Bradstreet
  • Prescott Internet/WestWeb Services
  • Prescott News
  • Prescott Public Library
  • Prescott Rotary Club
  • Prescott Water Smart Program
  • Prescott Area Questers Groups
  • Robbins Engineering
  • Rowle P. Simmons Community Center
  • Seat of Our Pants Publications
  • Sharlot Hall Museum
  • Smoki Musem
  • Westerners Prescott Corral
  • Yavapai Block
  • Yavapai County Contractors Assn.
  • Yavapai County Shrine Club
    • Scott Anderson
    • Joan Bigley
    • Sharon Bell
    • Monica Bishop
    • CeCe Botkin
    • Nancy Burgess
    • Robert Coombs
    • Jean Canooose
    • Janet Chestnut
    • Judy Clothier
    • Ritchie Coats
    • Karen Despain
    • Katherine Eaton
    • Mick Fetty
    • Al and Jan Gotland
    • Masumi Govenski
    • Sandy Griffis
    • Gini Howells
    • Meredith Hughes
    • Nan Hunter
    • Juliana Hutchins
    • Patricia Ireland-Williams
    • Sandra Johns
    • Nikki Krause
    • Natalie Kroll
    • Cathy Lesneck
    • Mary Lin
    • Archie Maclellan
    • John & Angella Mazella
    • Paul Madden
    • Larry McCoy
    • Angel R. Moore
    • Pat Nowack
    • Augie Perry
    • Seymour Petrovsky
    • Ann Reynolds
    • Tim Robbins
    • Virginia Rayner
    • Phyllis Rogers
    • Yvonne Rogers
    • Bonnie Russell
    • Shaun Rydell
    • Dale Sams
    • Frank Sente
    • Bob Shanks & Cindy Lassel Shanks
    • Joan Shay
    • Mike Shephard
    • Steve Sischka
    • Murray Smollens
    • Sue Szot
    • Donna Walters
    • Helen Wright
    • Pat and Mel Wild