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centennian at 1963 event
Julie Rothfuss at 1963 Event.

The Prescott Centennians are a group established and appointed as youngters by the Prescott City Council on October 15, 1962, on which day the new City Hall building on the corner of Cortez and Goodwin Streets was dedicated. The ceremony included the laying of a cornerstone which included a time capsule.

The City Charter establishing the Centennians, signed by Mayor F.W. Tutt on October 15, 1962 and the By-Laws adopted by the Centennians on December 29, 1963, specifing the groups' major objective as: to plan and conduct, with the assistance of City of Prescott office holders, a time capsule and re-dedication ceremony to be held at City Hall on February 14, 2012. Members were sworn to commence their duties immediately, to remain active until business could be concluded as soon as possible after February 14, 2012 and no later than December 31, 2012, and to hold annual meetings thereafter. Membership consisted of nine 7-and-8 year-olds, appointed by the City Council from the City public schools, who pledged to carry out the Charter objective to develop a Centennial ceremony fifty years in the future. Board officers were elected among themselves. Members, their positions, and the schools they attended are:

  • Julie Ann Rothfuss Chairman
  • Timothy Robbins Senior Vice Chairma
  • Kathleen Turley Vice Chairman
  • Cheryl Lynn Matli Vice Chairman
  • Richard Bunger Vice Chairman
  • Debra Larriba Vice Chairman
  • Ritchie Coats Vice Chairman

Now adults, the Prescott Centennians are currently convening with the Prescott Centennial Committee to plan and carry out the City's Statehood Day celebration on February 14, 2012.