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Centennial Celebration

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Arizona Celebrates 100 Years 1912-2012

Welcome to the City of Prescott's State Centennial Celebration site. Here you will find information on the celebration in "Prescott: Where It All Began."

The Arizona State Centennial will be celebrated state-wide from September 2011 to February 2012, and City-wide events will continue through 2012 as requested.

Statehood Day Celebration on February 14th

The City of Prescott hosted the Statehood Day event on February 14th at the Elks Theatre. The event included the opening of the time capsule that had been incased in City Hall since 1962. The group of Prescott School Children from 1962 responsible for opening the capsule, known as "The Cenntennians", assembled at the Elks, now 50 years later, to reveal the contents of the capsule and pass the legacy on to the next group of capsule keepers- "The Sesquicentennians".

centennial logoThe links below lead to the City Centennial site, where you can find information on City Centennial activities, the County Centennial site, for a listing of events and projects going on all over Yavapai County, and the State Centennial site for a listing across the entire state of Arizona.

Prescott Centennial Forms and Documents

The Prescott Centennial Logo

centennial logo

The City of Prescott State Centennial Logo features, in the lower portion, a stand of Ponderosa Pines, representing the lush forests, mountains, and recreational terrain that surrounds the City along with Prescott's most prominent landmark, Thumb Butte - visible from all areas of the City and one of the most popular destinations in the Prescott National Forest, with hiking trails affording a view of the entire community.

The warm rays in the upper circle replicate those on the Arizona State flag signifying the 13 original counties of Arizona as well as the State's picturesque sunsets.

The central copper-toned star, which also appears on the State flag, represents both Arizona's major copper mining industry, prominent in Northern Arizona, as well as the City of Prescott as Arizona's first capital.

The motto, "Prescott: Where It All Began," pays tribute to Prescott as having been designated as the first Arizona Territorial Capital in 1864 and the first State Capital in 1877. Although the State capital was moved to Phoenix in 1889, Prescott remains the Yavapai County seat of government.
Unauthorized use of the City of Prescott Centennial logo constitutes copyright infringement and will be prosecuted by the City of Prescott.

Logo Merchandise is Now Avialable

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Note: the site link above will take you outside the City of Prescott website.

Collect a piece of Arizona Centennial history with one (or more) of these stunning commemorative medallions
centennial medallion

Available as coins from Jenny Longhorn Western Boutique (152 S. Montezuma St.) or as jewelry items such as pendants and bola ties from Black Arrow Indian Art (124 W. Gurley St.), these Centennial keepsakes honor Arizona's 100th birthday on one side and Prescott's status as Territorial Capital on the other.

These beautiful 1 5/8" diameter antique brass medallions are currently available for a minimum $10.00 donation.

centennial medallion

The proceeds will help the non-profit Prescott Western Heritage Foundation with its mission to preserve and promote our western heritage through education, events, art, music, and projects that enhance our western lifestyle, making Prescott a unique place to live and visit.

Part of the proceeds have already paid for white, LED lighting outlining the roof line of the buildings around Courthouse Plaza during the holiday season.

Jenny Longhorn Western Boutique
152 S. Montezuma St.
Prescott, AZ 86303

Black Arrow Indian Art
124 W. Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ 86301