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Feb 28

PAS Meeting: Back to the Future: Birds, Butterflies and Boats in Belize, by Dan Campbell

Thursday, February 28, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Trinity Presbyterian Church - 603 Park Ave., Prescott

Of his 28 years with The Nature Conservancy, Dan Campbell has lived and worked as a conservationist in Prescott for 8 years and Belize for 8 years.

Having retired in July he has had time to reflect on the similarities and differences between being a conservationist in rural Arizona and rural Belize. There are a surprising number of similarities---the effects of runaway development, climate change, water scarcity, destructive fires, species decline, jobs vs. the environment, etc. etc.

He will give an illustrated lecture on the conservation imperatives in Belize and how eerily parallel they are to those we face here. In his years in Belize he fought to protect watersheds, rivers, forests, birds and fish, the same suite of things he's been fighting for on the Verde. But there are twists. There he partnered with rural fishing co-ops, Mayan Indians, banana farmers, US utility groups and even the US Treasury Department. And the critters were manatee, whale sharks, jaguar and Crested Eagles. In spite of the exotic nature of his job there, he claims that it was surprisingly like his work here. Come hear how he ran off to the tropics and found himself back home.

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