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Nov 14


Thursday, November 14, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM


Looking for the classic sounds of Country? Emcee and General Manager, Ed Gary, says this month�s show is just what you�re looking for! You will enjoy performances by renowned Arizona artists whose performances will take you back to the early days of Country and Western music. You will also get to be among the first to discover a NEW talent on the Arizona music scene.

Ellis Teller It is rare to find a young performer whose sound harkens back to the early roots of Country. But Ellis Teller is just such a performer. New to the Arizona music scene, you are certain to hear the strains of Hank William�s, Sr., Arlo Guthrie and the original Jimmy Rogers as this up-and-coming young artist graces our stage.

Ray Scalf This long time member of the Arizona music community, Ray evokes memories of multiple Country performers� He looks like Merle Haggard, picks like Chet Atkins and sings like Don Williams! You can�t get any more Country than this! Our audience is sure to enjoy the talents of this dynamic performer.

Chuck Ozbrin A performing partner of Ray Scalf for many years, Chuck will join Ray on stage as they perform memorable numbers together in what they teasingly refer to as their Ray/Charles Duo!

BRUSH ARBOR REVIVAL Country Gospel doesn�t get any better than this! This force of comedy and talent will surprise and delight you. A member of the Prescott Opry Family from the beginning, this quartet of beautifully blended voices will charm you with their humorous interaction and gospel renderings.

Come on out and enjoy an evening of GREAT music and a little humor as we present our November performance. And, get an �inside peek� at what the Prescott Opry has planned for its first Christmas performance: A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS! Save the date: December 12, 2013! Start a new Family tradition with us at the PRESCOTT OPRY!!!

Contact info:
928 778-7772