City Hall Parking Restricted Due to Construction on Cortez Street

Major construction is taking place on Cortez Street between Carleton and Goodwin Street.

Access to the City Hall parking lot from Cortez is restricted.

City Hall Parking is accessible from the alley west of Marina Street.  Visitors can enter the alley from Goodwin or Carelton.  Directional signs will be in place by late morning on Tuesday.   Proceed with caution in the alley, as this is used by Police and other City vehicles.

This impact is expected to last through the end of the week.  If you have questions, please contact City Hall at 928-777-1100.


  • City Management
  • John Heiney
  • Community Outreach Manager
  • City Hall

    201 S Cortez St

  • 928-777-1220


    • If you are a member of the media, please contact Communications.
    • If you would like to contact the Mayor or a Councilmember, contact information can be found here
    • If you would like to contact a specific department, contact information can be found here


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