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Prescott MSA forms the largest single economic force within Yavapai County. Growth indicators specific to the City of Prescott include annual increases in taxable sales dollars, population, new building permits, and property valuation.

A workforce study is available for the greater Prescott regional workforce (Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley) that includes an assessment of the following:

  • Number of Unemployed Workers,
  • Number of Underemployed Workers,
  • Number of Workers Out of Workforce by Choice, Who May Return
  • Skills and Experience of Underemployed Workforce
  • Education/Age/Gender/Commuting Distance,
  • Cost of Available Workers
  • Employers’ View of Current Workforce Productivity, Attitudes, Communications/Calculations Ability
  • National Comparative Observation

In addition, a Regional Wage and Fringe Benefit Survey is available which contains summary data for the Greater Prescott Region. This report includes an assessment of wages paid by job title that includes low, average, and high entry pay and low, average, high, weighted average pay of current workforce. In addition, an analysis of fringe benefits paid by current employers includes insurance, sick leave, holidays, vacations, and financial plans.

Prescott Area Labor Availability

Prescott and outlying communities within easy commuting distance offer a highly motivated and educated work force. With a growing population, the construction and real estate industries are major contributors to employment in Prescott.

Prescott MSA Labor Force Data