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Website Accessibility

The City of Prescott has made an effort to make this website accessible to all users. The details of our efforts are listed below. If you have any problems accessing our site or suggestions on how we can make our site more accessible to you, please contact our Web Developer.

Access Keys

Access keys allow a user to jump to a specific page by pressing a certain combination of keys on their keyboard. If you are on a Windows system, you can press the Alt key plus one of the access keys listed below or if you are on a Mac system, you can press the Ctrl key plus any of the access keys below. The access keys being used on this site include:

  • A – Accessibility Statement
  • H – Home
  • T – Top of Page
  • W – Contact our Web Developer

Tab Order

For users that navigate the web using their keyboard, we have set a tab order so that the main navigational areas on our pages can be quickly accessed. The tab order for this site is as follows:

  • Home (the City of Prescott title or logo)
  • Search
  • Top Navigation
  • Footer Navigation

Web Standards

The City of Prescott has made it a priority to adhere to web standards as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) wherever possible.

Other Accessibility Features

Other accessibility features include:

  • All font sizes are declared in relative units. This allows the user to resize the text within his/her own browser.
  • No pop-up windows have been used with the exception of the Fire Danger Key.
  • We have made an effort to conform to accessibility guidelines set forth by the United States government: Section 508 and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidlines.